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About Durham City-County Appearance Commission
The Durham City-County Appearance Commission is made up of members appointed by the City Council and the Board of County Commissioners. Its mission is to cultivate visual appeal and recognize the benefits of good design, which enhance quality of life. 

Current Members of the Durham Appearance Commission are:

Chair                                Michael Miller
Vice-Chair                        Fredrick Jernigan 
Secretary                         Erik Mehlman

Members                         Jessica Braverman     
                                        Rick Crawford
                                        Miguel Jackson       
                                        Ted Maynor       
                                        Pamela Porter     
                                        Alvaro Quintana       
                                        Marc Reibold
                                        Stephanie Strickland
                                        Mitch Tuchman
                                        Ellen Weinstein    

Durham City_County      Matthew Filter
Planning Liaison             

For further information or meeting schedule for the DCCAC, please click here.