Durham  Golden  Leaf  Awards  for  Community  Appearance
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Award for Neighborhood Garden & Landscape
The award for Neighborhood Garden & Landscape is given to landscaping, personal border gardens, or community entrance projects over one year old, which have consistently maintained high standards of appearance and upkeep, contributing to resource conservation, the preservation of Durham’s natural
resources and trees, and demonstrating respect for existing features of the land.
Award for Hearth & Home 
The award for Hearth & Home is given to the most innovative design for new construction, renovation, or restoration of a single-family house or residential building containing four units or fewer.
Award for Adaptive Reuse – Old building, New Design
The award for Adaptive Reuse is given to the most innovative new designs applied to existing properties either residential or commercial, especially Durham’s historic resources and inventory.

Award for Large Development
The award for Large-Scale Development is given to new construction, conversions, or improvements to
either a multifamily residential property, mixed-use property, or commercial property over 12,000 square 

Keep Durham Beautiful Award 
This award will be given to a volunteer or group of volunteers for projects, programs or events that
impact a Durham community or neighborhood, and address Keep Durham Beautiful’s mission to 
support volunteer efforts to:
(1) beautify the natural environment 
(2) prevent or reduce litter and/or 
(3) advance efforts to reduce waste through reducing, re-using or recycling
People’s Choice
The People’s Choice Award will be given to one project selected by public vote from the nominees
under considerations for any of the award categories.  

Award for Small Development
The award for Small-Scale Development is given to new construction, conversions, or improvements to
 either a multifamily residential property, mixed-use property, or commercial property below 12,000 square feet.

Award for Sustainable Design
This award for Sustainable Design is given to projects creating a sustainable environment by 
incorporating green building principles in planning and development. Projects must document these 
principles in areas of energy, design, site, water, and building materials. Projects should meet at least
two of the criteria below:
If you have questions or comments you can obtain clarifications at 
- Increase energy efficiency
- Increase use of environmentally preferred transportation 
- Improve water quality
- Change behaviors to decrease environmental impact
- Protect open space and preserve rural character