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Project Submission Information
Thank you to everyone who submitted a project to be considered for the 2018 Golden Leaf Awards. At this time, we are no longer accepting submissions. 

If you missed the February 20th deadline, please consider submitting your project for the 2019 Golden Leaf Awards.

Nominations will be eligible for three years, starting from the initial year of submittal, unless a nomination is an award winner in which case it will no longer be held in the nomination pool.

Please note the following: 

1. All project submissions must include a project narrative with details about the project. 
2. For the Adaptive Reuse Category - before and after photos are required.
3. Please limit graphics to 8-10 per submission. This includes photographs, plans, sketches, and renderings.

If you do not include a project narrative, or before and after photos are not submitted for the Adaptive Reuse category, your project will not be considered for an award.